Black Eye Relief

black eyeSometimes our kids get into brawls and end up with scraped knees, knuckles or even a black eye.  If it’s not your child, it may be a neighbor or someone else that you know.  If this happens, don’t worry.  Although black eyes tend to linger for a few weeks, we have some great home remedies to help get rid of that black eye as quickly as possible. 

Try some of these natural black eye relief cures that have worked for years.

Natural Black Eye Relief

• Crush an aspirin and rub it into the black, bloody swollen area of the black eye.  Be careful as not to get the aspirin into the eye though.  Rub it around the affected area.  Aspirin helps dissolve blood clots, so by rubbing it around the black/bloody area you are alleviate any clotting that may happen.  Give three aspirin treatments a day for about two weeks. 

• Peel a potato, wash it and cut a round potato slice. Apply it over the black eye for about 30 minutes.  Do this as often as possible.  You may want to try laying down and applying the potato slices.  This helps them stay in place.  This remedy also works on bruised eyes.

• Apply an ice pack on the black eye.  This helps keep the swelling down.  You can make your own ice pack by using a zip lock sandwich bag, filling it with ice and wrapping a towel around it.  This feels good immediately and will help with the swelling and pain associated with a black eye.